REVIEW: “Misadventures With a Super Hero” by Angel Payne

Angel Payne dips her toe into the world of Super Heroes and the results are electric.  Reece Richards’s a wealthy, self-indulgent hotelier playboy.  However in what could be considered a bit of Karmic Justice he becomes an unlikely Super Hero.  His existence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and his social life’s definitely not what it once was.  Emmalina Crist works in the hotel Reece heads up for his family.  Emma was born into a wealthy family.  She decided country club life and the one her parents planned wasn’t for her.  Emma chose, to her parents chagrin, to become a “career girl”.  Emmalina isn’t the strongest Heroine when the book begins, however at the end she’s “kick-butt-and-take-names” tough.  The secondary characters don’t carry much of an impact however they do provide spot-on comic relief at the perfect times.  The story is definitely fun and filled with lightning hot sex.

Reece is a carefree playboy when he runs into the very French and exotic Angelique.  He follows her around Europe keeping up with the next hot thing or party.  Except one night Angelique takes him to a different type of party involving big thugs and lab coats.  Over a year later and Reece finds himself in California in charge of one of his family’s hotels.  His late night employees believe him to be weird and they don’t know the half of it.

Emmalina Crist’s a new employee on a Richards Resort Hotel night shift.  She’s used to the finer things in life, however she’s making a go of living her life on her own.  One night she and her co-workers catch Breaking News of a convenience store robbery.  What she sees is unbelievable.  A leather-clad man levitating people, shooting electricity out of his hands as he battles the robbers.  They’re still reeling when their boss and infamous playboy heir Reece Richards descends in order to collect the nightly report.  Emma finds Reece captivating in the brief time she was in his presence.  Even though her co-workers consider him to be really strange she finds him intriguing.  Against her better judgment she wants a closer look.  The report wasn’t ready when Reece arrived.  As soon as the last page finishes printing Emma’s snatching it off of the machine and she’s in the elevator.

Reece is in his penthouse praying that the employees won’t be bringing the report up anytime soon.  He isn’t ready for company.  His body is still affected by everything he did to bring down the robbers.  Reece doesn’t believe his employees will understand fingers glowing like lightsabers and glowing electric-like blood pulsing through his veins.  He does note seeing the extremely attractive new girl and hopes like Hell she’s not bringing him the report tonight.  Unfortunately Reece’s luck isn’t as good as when he’s fighting crime and Emma arrives in his elevator.

The attraction and chemistry between Reece and Emma is undeniable.  The pull between them is something they can’t resist.  Reece hasn’t been with a woman since his “change” and isn’t sure what his glowing bodily fluids will do.  He discovers what it does is remarkable.  When Emma pleasures Reece his release courses through her body and triggers dozens of orgasms in her.  Things are tricky with Reece needing to hide obvious signs of his Super Hero-ness; glowing appendages for example.  He wants to continue figuring things out, sexually, with Emma.  So he sets out to do just that.

Emma believes this is a one-time deal.  It’s bad to have sex with a fellow employee it’s a disaster to have sex with your boss.  However Reece believes differently and what he does to her body is impossible to refuse.  Therefore Emma and Reece begin a secret romance.  Unfortunately Reece’s expending his power and energy on Emma rather than criminals negatively effects the hotel.  Then Angelique shows up out of the blue and plays headgames with Emma causing her doubt herself and Reece.  When Emma and Reece break-up criminals are more likely to fry.  The break-up doesn’t last long.  But Reece’s confidence in his ability to protect Emma, as a Super Hero’s girlfriend is badly shaken.  A particularly nasty battle and a run-in with the group who’s responsible for his abilities has him on edge.  Reece backs away from Emma for her own good until he can figure things out.

“Misadventures With a Super Hero” get off to a shaky start the number of unanswered questions is maddening.  Not to mention Emma isn’t a robust and fully fleshed out Heroine at the book’s beginning.  As far as Reese goes he’s very well-developed and is cheeky, charming, and a sexual dynamo.  The end of the book feels a bit of a rush to conclusion which isn’t all that conclusive.  However that open-endedness kind of works.  Yet the meat of the book is complex; it’s compelling with conflict that’s against a “bad guy” as well emotional.  This is an Angel Payne book so it goes without saying this verges on Erotica at times.  In “Misadventures With a Super Hero” Angel Payne is a seductress with her words and descriptive sex scenes.  She is the High Priestess of Sex.

I’m giving “Misadventures With a Super Hero” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed

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