REVIEW: “Puck Me, Baby” by Lili Valente

I am so in love with Lili Valente’s Bad Motherpuckers series.  Alexi’s sweet, sensitive, logical, a control-freak and protective caretaker.  He hates Fate, and loves his babushka.  Both Alexi and Alex’s parents had terrible marriages and they each use them as examples of what-not-to-do.  Amanda’s extremely cautious about getting into a relationship with Alexi.  She was in a relationship for years with a man who she didn’t know was already married.  Plus he had children by two different women.  Amanda cannot abide liars.  Alexi and Amanda’s romance started as a one-night-stand.  When Amanda moves to Portland she tries to find Alexi, but can’t locate him.  The attraction they had when they first met is still there and stronger than they remember.  Although resist falling into a relationship they can’t help themselves.  Their romance is delicious.  “Puck Me, Baby” is wonderfully sexy, adorably sweet, and a fabulous rom/com.

Alexi and Amanda’s romance starts as a one-night-stand (it occurs during “Puckaholic”).  Amanda learns she’s pregnant, loses her job, and moves to Portland to be close to her best friend.  When she gets to town she tries to find Alexi’s house, but can’t locate him.  It turns out Alexi’s Amanda’s best friend’s husband’s best man.  They reunite at the wedding and the pregnancy news comes out accidentally during the ambulance ride to the ER.

Alexi’s thrilled to find the girl who ghosted him a few months earlier.  There was something about her that had him hoping for the start of something more.  But in the morning she was gone without a note making the evening a one-night-stand.  Soon after their friends’ wedding ceremony ends Alexi learns he and Amanda’s lives will be intertwined for a long time.  From the moment Alexi learns of the baby he’s excited and scared out of his mind.  His previous girlfriend was pregnant and the baby was stillborn.  Still there is more to the story as you learn from conversations between Alexi and his Baba.  Alexi is torn about telling Amanda about a hereditary issue for the baby.  His grandmother urges him not to say anything and cause undo stress.  Alexi feels terrible for keeping this secret but he wants protect Amanda from worrying about things she can’t change.

Amanda tries to make people happy and in doing that puts others’ needs before her own.  She doesn’t realize that she doesn’t stand up for herself enough.  When she meets Alexi’s grandmother the old woman tests her.  But in the end the women get along.  Amanda also finds herself getting into dangerous situations car robbery, helping a neighborhood homeless man, and more.  This does not make Alexi a happy camper and he signs her up for self-defense classes with a teammate’s ex-girlfriend.

The chemistry between Alexi and Amanda is off-the-charts.  For Amanda’s safety Alexi moves her out of her apartment in a very sketchy neighborhood and into his poolhouse.  At first Amanda thinks it’s best if they try to just be friends for the sake of the baby.  It doesn’t last they they find each other incredibly attractive and care about each other.  Their relationship takes off from there and they both fall pretty fast.  However, Alexi is suffering from worrying about the health of the baby and keeping his secret from Amanda.  The baby’s ultrasound says there is a possible issue with it’s health.  Amanda learns that Alexi was lying by omission she’s done with him.  Now Alexi must do what he swore he’d never do; lose himself over to Love.  The kind of Love that will destroy him if he loses it.

Lili Valente is a goddess when it comes to Heroes.  They are Goofy, Geeky, Softies, and/or Out-of-Their-Depths they’re also dangerously Sexy and seriously Alpha.  Each of these Heroes are unique, charming, and funny.  Luckily almost all of them show up to offer Alexi advice in “Puck Me, Baby”.  Of course Justin Cruise is trying to get more of his team mates knitting.  Tanner Nowicki is mostly on his honeymoon.  But Brendan Daniels does have words of wisdom.  We also get to meet the (hopefully) upcoming Hero Will Saunders.  Lili Valente is a genius with her Heroines as well as they’re typically smart, hard-working, and just-plain-good.  Luckily they also usually enjoy some super-steamy-sexy-times which makes for fun reading.  “Puck Me, Baby” will not only make you laugh but you’ll definitely shed a tear.  Alexi and Amanda’s romance is sweet, poignant, and fun.

I’m giving “Puck Me, Baby” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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