REVIEW: “Stud Finder” by Lauren Blakely

“Stud Finder” is a delightful short Lauren Blakely Romantic Romp.  The main characters are distantly in her stand alone universe.  They are more closely related to the Hero and Heroine in the upcoming stand alone “Hard Wood”.  Be that as it may this Hero and Heroine are fabulous:  quick, witty, humorous, and sexy.  You know how I LOVE my Heroes in glasses!  Dylan is a successful sexy geek who’s made his money by selling an app.  The Heroine, Evie, is a matchmaker and a good friend of his soon-to-be-married sister.  In “Stud Finder” is an “Opposites Attract” romance.  The conflict is that Evie is working as Dylan’s matchmaker.  However because she falls for him she breaks the cardinal rule of matchmaking.  So she must pull herself out of the running and away from Dylan.

Dylan wants to meet a woman and settle down; he’s ready.  However he feels the Internet is his best friend and trust it to find him a woman.  He writes a personal ad and posts it just before he goes in to play in a laser tag match.  When he gets out he checks who has responded.  Naively he believes he’ll get honest responses.  Instead it seems every woman and man in the world, whether they met his criteria or not answered.

Dylan’s sister became friends with the matchmaker who introduced her to her future husband.  She tells Evie about Dylan’s online ad.  Because she’s horrified and it’s her friend’s brother she offers to take him on as a client.  Evie’s always had a knack for matching things: clothes, colors, and now people.

Dylan and Evie are on the surface opposites.  Dylan is competitive be it laser tag, chess, or softball.  Evie prefers to be the team manager than compete.  Dylan likes tea while Evie enjoys coffee.  Evie rather go to an upscale sushi restaurant while Dylan is a “hole-in-the-wall taco joint” connoisseur.  However the moment Evie and Dylan meet there’s a spark and they get along famously.  Little by little their attraction grows from witty banter, to fun flirting, to how-did-I-not-see-their sexiness-before.

For Evie this is big trouble.  Dylan’s a client and for her to fall for him is like embezzling.  She’s taking something meant for someone else.  So Evie fights her attraction reminding Dylan she’s getting to know him in order to match him with someone else.  Dylan feels Evie more than just-likes him one minute and the next she’s pushing him away.  He knows Evie’s the one for him but she’s resolute not to be interested.  Just when Evie sees the light and gives in guilt overwhelms her and she runs away.

Lauren Blakely adds some cute little touches in this almost-too-short-because-it’s-so-good novella.  There are some clever passages in which the author addresses the reader.  This is a quick, cute, and sexy novella.  Dylan and Evie are adorable and the sex is steamy.  There are a couple of reference charts in the back.  These show how most of the Heroes and Heroine’s relate in Lauren Blakely’s “universe”.  We are introduced to the hero and heroine of Lauren Blakely’s next full length novel “Hard Wood”.  The Heroine is Dylan’s friend Mia who is the sister of Max (“Joy Ride”) and Chase (“Full Package”).  The Hero is Patrick, Evie’s brother.  I can’t wait!

I’m giving “Stud Finder” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.

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