REVIEW: “Taken By the SEAL” by Callie Harper

Callie Harper brings us an exciting super-sexy new stand-alone with “Taken By the SEAL”.  The Hero, Knox, is an ex-SEAL who went into the military to be a hero.  Unfortunately war isn’t as clear-cut as the movies and now he’s disillusioned by mankind.  Knox’s at a moral crossroads and he sees the line between good and bad as blurry.  That’s why he’s working for a Chicago mafia family in a tangential manner.  The Heroine, Olivia, is an innocent whose hobbies are baking and cooking.  She’s a virginal college student who hides from notice by wearing baggy clothing and no make-up.  Both Olivia and Knox basically raised themselves as children in single parent households.  Olivia’s thrown into a intense situation and which stirs up foreign emotions.  As usual Callie Harper brings out the sexual heat with white hot racy passages throughout.  The characters are charming and the storyline is riveting.

Olivia is making her way in the world on her own in the big city of Chicago.  She lives with several roommates and works several blocks from her apartment at a shabby diner.  When she goes out to take out the garbage she feels like she’s being watched.  She feels extremely jumpy and can’t wait to get home, out of her too-tight waitressing uniform, and into bed.  Unfortunately when she goes to leave for the night she’s accosted by two large thugs with a drug filled syringe.

Ever since Knox got out of the military he’s been out-of-sorts.  He went into the military to be a hero but things he saw and did didn’t always feel ethical.  Now he’s working for the mob as “back-up” for whatever the soldiers are doing.  His training as a sniper helps him in this role.  If anything starts going wrong he literally pulls the trigger.  However on this night he sees the innocent waitress and hopes she doesn’t stumble into whatever is going down.  To Knox’s horror he soon realizes that the curvy little waitress is the asset the mob is after.  Feeling protective of an “Innocent” getting dragged into something she doesn’t deserve Knox springs into action.  He knocks the thugs out and carries the unconscious waitress to his truck.  Knox then takes her to his cabin deep in the woods in a totally different state.

When Olivia wakes up she’s in a panic and desperate to run away.  She tries even though the man who claims to be her rescuer tells her it’s pointless.  She remembers being attacked by the two thugs and getting drugged but she isn’t sure where Knox fits in.  The first thing Knox tries to do is figure out why the mob want Olivia.  He asks her if she’s taken anything or knows something having to do with mob business.  Then Knox asks if her boyfriend, friend or family could be in trouble with the mob.  Olivia says she doesn’t have a boyfriend then remembers her father’s new mysterious “bookkeeping” job.  They figure the mob wanted to take her to use as incentive for her father to do what they wanted.  Olivia assures Knox that she isn’t that important to her father and her kidnapping would have been a waste.

This angers Knox because he sees that Olivia is incredibly special.  Olivia is fascinates Knox from the moment he sees her.  The more time around her the more of an addiction her innocence, submissive nature, and general goodness becomes.  Knox wants Olivia with an animalistic need.  When he learns she’s a virgin his possessiveness grows exponentially.  He wants to be her first and last.  He needs to guide her slowly into wanting sex; particularly his brand of wild nasty sex.  The other thing is making sure to keep her safe from the people who are after her.

Olivia is frightened, aroused, and ashamed of the sexual things Knox says and makes her feel.  Slowly but surely he awakens the shameless sexual being within her.  They are wild and insatiable once he takes her.  She starts feeling beautiful, happier, and more alive than she ever has.  Knox makes her feel safe and whole.  Until one day the door crashes open and it isn’t Knox.  The thugs have found her and unfortunately Knox has left her unprotected.  The race is on for Knox to track Olivia down and rescue her once again.  This time keeping her safely away from the mob once and for all.

“Taken By the SEAL” is thrilling, touching, and titillating.  Both Knox and Olivia have deep backstories involving their lack of parental warmth childhoods.  Knox is a completely Alpha Hero tender and sentimental in a Sexually Dominant cloak.  Olivia is equally intriguing as Knox’s absolute opposite.  She’s submissive, gentle, kind, and innocent.  However her undiscovered tastes run to the kinky and Knox is thrilled to introduce her to his Sexual World.  Olivia also sees the real Knox; a hard-worker who she trusts completely in a short amount of time.  Once again if you like your Romance hotter than a thousand suns – read Callie Harper’s books.  You will not be happy you did.

I’m giving “Taken By the Seal” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


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