REVIEW: “Ties That Bind” by Katee Robert

Katee Robert brings out a fabulous “The-One-Who-Got-Away” Romance and bedazzles it with a wonderfully sexually-demanding Hero and a head-strong Heroine.  The storyline zings and the sex scenes sizzle as this dynamic couple burns up the pages.  Cora Landers was a successful child actress on the cusp of being “The Next Big Thing”.  However a sex tape make with fellow young actor, Jack McArthur, turns her into persona non-grata in Hollywood.  She reinvents herself by attending Law School and becoming a cut-throat Hollywood divorce attorney.  For Jack his career flourished after becoming the stud who deflowered “America’s Sweetheart”.  He’s now a successful director.  Although there’s more to the story than the public knows; even Jack doesn’t know everything.  But today he’s in deep trouble.  Although he hasn’t seen Cora in over a decade she’s the only one he trusts to help him.  Fifteen years of pent-up emotions are going to explode.

Jack’s a popular Hollywood director who wakes up the morning after a bachelor party to find papers declaring he’s married.  His Mystery Bride is AWOL and he has almost no recollections of the prior evening.  Levi Turnbull, his best friend and computer game developing guru didn’t see anything.  Then again he hasn’t ever seen Jack so drunk before either.  But Jack has a project in the “pipeline” that’s important to him and he can’t afford a scandal.  He makes the snap decision to visit a blast-from-the-past to for divorce help and to keep him out of the media spotlight.  Cora Landers a once popular child star who’s now a legal shark specializing in divorce.  They were linked years ago due to a sex tape scandal.  But oddly enough she’s the only person he trusts.

At first Cora wants nothing to do with Jack; however he’s honest with her and desperately needs her help.  Honestly, she owes him.  The sex tape was her idea and she never told him what her motives where for that harebrained scheme.  She also dropped him like a hot brick after the fact never answering his calls of seeing him again.  Even though she never forgot about him and he remains her go-to fantasy.  Against her better judgment she wants to help Jack.  Her mind says, “NO”, but her lips keeps saying, “yes”.  There is an undeniable connection between them; she feels it as does Jack.  Even stranger is she is jealous of the conniving woman who got a black-out-drunk Jack to marry her.  Now Cora is out for blood.  She’s also unable to deny herself quality time with Jack.

Seeing Cora again throws Jack’s emotions, and libido, right back to that night all of those years ago.  He never stopped thinking about Cora and was never able to shake his feelings for her.  It was only one night but he’s had emotions for her ever since.  He doesn’t know why she asked him to make the tape but he’s always felt guilty for the outcome.  As the guy he got the “kudos” for banging the virginal teen starlet.  His starpower grew while hers imploded.  Jack’s still in the Business; going from actor to director.  He can’t keep his hands off of Cora.  But Cora’s Private Investigator friend, Brooklyn Jameson, says the marriage was a set up, a con, and definitely not legal.  The only woman Jack can imagine as being in his life permanently is Cora.  He needs to work fast and smart to get her to stick around.

Unfortunately the paparazzi gets pictures of them together again and a media frenzy returns.  Cora is again the innocent victim and she doesn’t want to go through that nightmare again.  Neither Jack nor Cora handle the stress well.  What will it take to get a Hollywood-worthy Happily Ever After?

“Ties That Bind” is a short novel featuring Cora who appeared in the Bad Boy Homecoming series novel “Prom Queen”.  In fact the Heroine of that book is mentioned in this one; as is fellow roommate Brooklyn Jameson.  Jack is a swoony Hero with a predilection for giving the orders in bed.  Luckily Cora is a strong Heroine who can hold her own.  The Hollywood storyline is intriguing, the characters compelling, and the sexy is sensationally steamy.

I’m giving “Ties That Bind” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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