REVIEW: “Unbearable” by Kristen Hope Mazzola

“Unbearable” is the latest entry in Kristen Hope Mazzola’s Unacceptables MC series world.  This book is also a “Passion, Vows, and Babies” book.  The Heroine’s definitely unusual as in she’s still married.  However Scarlett, learns her husband’s been cheating on her with her best friend for three years.  Not to mention he tries killing her within the first three chapters.  I’m giving her a pass.  Scarlett is tough and stands up for herself; obviously to the point of risking her life.  The Hero is one of the youngest MC presidents ever elected.  He finds himself at the beginnings of a war after his best friend and fellow MC Prez is killed.  Bear blames himself.  Although Bear is big, scary-looking and tough he is a softie.  What Bear and Scarlett feel for each other is instantaneous and inexplicable.  “Unbearable” is a short engaging read with a lovely Love-at-First-Sight romance.

Bear and his second, Jaxon, are riding home after walking into a deadly trap and losing one of their friends/brothers.  With a heavy heart and lots of guilty feelings they are riding home toward Atlanta.  Bear is going to have to break the sad news of their comrade’s death to the other MC presidents.  Not too far outside of Atlanta Bear and Jaxon come across a motorcycle accident.  The rider is an unconscious female and Bear starts CPR.

Scarlett arrives home from the grocery store to discover her husband and her best friend having sex.  After getting her gun and setting some clothes on fire Scarlett sends her best friend away.  She informs her husband that she’s through and he will not be contesting her divorce.  She grabs some things, hops on her motorcycle, and starts riding.  A few hours into her ride some headlights pull up behind her fast.  Scarlett sees her husband in the drivers’ seat as he runs her off the road.  That’s the last thing she remembers before everything goes dark.

Bear feels invested in this unknown woman.  He and Jaxon follow the ambulance to the hospital where he stays all night.  For some reason be feels a connection to Scarlett.  During the short amounts of time he spends with her at her hospital bedside the feeling is mutual.  Scarlett has no place to go.  Bear then arranges for some clothes for her and has her stay with him at his home.  He always believed he would never be able to settle down with a woman.  In the women he’s been with in the past never understood his loyalty to the MC would always come first.  Although he feels there’s something special about Scarlett.  Something which makes him believe she might be the one for him.

At first Scarlett tells Bear that what happened on the highway was just a random accident.  But after spending a few blissfully intimate days with Bear she wants to tell him the truth.  Just as she’s about to tell him, Bear gets a call telling him to go to the club’s motorcycle shop.  Apparently there’s a customer causing trouble.  When they arrive Scarlett sees her husband and panics.  She tells Bear that her husband was the one to cause her accident and he’s there.  Scarlett doesn’t want her husband to find her and is afraid to let Bear out of her sight.

Bear wants to protect Scarlett so he tells the guys to handle the husband and takes Scarlett to North Carolina.  There he stays with friends from the NC chapter of the Unacceptables MC.  While there Bear discusses with the other Presidents what they’re going to do to avenge the death of their brother.  In the meantime being with Bear has caused a lot of memories of her father and brother to bubble up.  She believes her father was in a MC but doesn’t know which one.  Apparently Scarlett’s father is a bit of a legend.

“Unbearable” is a quick-to-read book that’s fun, sexy, and romantic.  The chemistry between Bear and Scarlett is strong and instantaneous.  They really do feel perfect for each other.  Scarlett reminisces about her father and her brother Liam who’s in the military right now.  Liam makes an appearance at this books end and I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see him.  Kristen Hope Mazzola has come up with a light and lovely MC Romance novel.  Yes!  It can be done and delightfully so!

I’m giving “Unbearable”4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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