REVIEW: “Wicked Envy” by Sawyer Bennett

Just when you think you know where things are leading; Sawyer Bennett says, “Not so fast.”  I thought “Wicked Envy” was going to be a Triad Romance; I was certain of it!  There was one best friend kind and boy-next-doorish and the other sexually adventurous and tough.  Nope I was wrong.  “Wicked Envy” is a straight up Erotic Contemporary Romance.  I truly hope we see Andrew again however, he’s not Wicked Horse material; he’s too much of a romantic.  However once Avril visits the Wicked Horse Las Vegas it opens her up to a new world.  The third best friend is Dane.  He’s a founding member of the Wicked Horse.  Initially he doesn’t want Avril to go there because he’s protective.

Once Dane witnesses Avril’s reactions to what she sees there, a door opens for him as well.  The three friends are unsure what to do since they don’t want to ruin an almost two-decade-long friendship.  But the box is opened and curiosity and experimentation is the next step.  Love and Trust has always been a part of their make up.  They became best friends in college and are all partners in business.  Now there’s potentially more; but with everything to lose.

All of the Wicked Horse Las Vegas books are stand-alone reads.  Sawyer Bennett works the Friends-to-Lovers trope with her Erotic flair.  She adds an intriguing backstory to Dane that gives him a dent in his shield.  A vulnerability and an inability that for a while is just part of his personality.  It’s that insecurity which could make him lose everything.  Andrew is sweet, caring, and emotional and that’s his role as Avril’s comfort and safety net.  Avril is typically organized and business-minded but circumstances change and so does she.  She finds another facet to herself and it’s extremely sexual.  There’s plenty of dirty Wicked Horse sex and dirty talk.  My favorite!  Plenty of exhibition and ménage.  We see Wicked Horse regular Kynan in “Wicked Envy”.  Also a brief mention of the previous book’s pivotal scene during the Quarterly Masquarade.  Another Wicked Unbridled Must-Read!

I’m giving “Wicked Envy” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Hurricane Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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