REVIEW: “The Bed Mate” by Kendall Ryan

“The Bed Mate” is a sexy and charming 1001 Dark Nights novella in Kendall Ryan’s Roommates series.  The Hero, Sam, has been secretly in love with the Heroine, Maggie, since the day he met her in college.  Unfortunately that was around the time she met her current long-term boyfriend and was planted firmly in the Friend Zone.  Sam’s had girlfriend’s but his relationship with Maggie has differed only by their lack of sex.  They do almost everything together.  He knows and adores all of her idiosyncrasies.  Even the ones that drive her boyfriend up the wall.  They are each other’s first call when they need a shoulder to cry on or with someone to celebrate.  Ironically his two best friends and one of his ex-girlfriends seem to be the only one’s who’ve noticed.  Maggie appears to be oblivious to Sam’s feelings.

Lately Maggie’s feeling unsatisfied in her relationship with her boyfriend.  They haven’t been having sex as often as she’d like.  She thinks that might be the reason she’s been noticing Sam’s six-pack abs lately.  Maggie feels as though she needs to shake up her relationship.  Because when she compares the way Sam walks treats her with her boyfriend’s lah-dee-dah approach to Sam’s looking mighty fine.  Sam is a daredevil while Maggie is a worrier and a planner; they are complete opposites but they fit.  Maggie believes since he’s never made a move on her any thoughts or attractions are simply in her imagination.  When she catches her boyfriend, in the act, cheating on her, she’s single for the first time in several years.  It’s a milestone that makes people start thinking.

Sam and his friends are away snowboarding for the New Year but he doesn’t want Maggie to be alone.  He buys her tickets to fly up to join them.  Unfortunately there are no more rooms at the lodge so Maggie must share Sam’s room.  On the way up Maggie’s best-friend makes a comment along-the-lines of “it’s about time you and Sam got together”.  Then the woman on the airplane makes an observation about their relationship when Maggie strikes up a conversation with her.  Not to mention a shop owner makes the assumption that Maggie and Sam are a couple.  Maggie’s own thoughts and feelings about Sam are colliding with observations that friends and strangers have made.  Is there more to her and Sam’s relationship than just friendship?  Does Sam feel more?  Is she just sex starved?  If they’re wrong will they kill their treasured friendship?

“The Bed Mates” is a fun, cute, sweetly sexy novella that is a quick read.  Kendall Ryan sprinkles a dash of angst in this Romantic Comedy of Friends-to-Lovers giving it the perfect amount of gravitas.  Sam and Maggie are perfectly adorable, slightly (internally) neurotic, and wonderfully sexy.  Sam’s buddies, Peter and Jeremy are a hoot as is Maggie’s outspoken friend Dee.  Kendall Ryan puts together a Sexy Romantic Comedy novella that’s perfect for the holidays!

I’m giving “The Bed Mates” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.

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