REVIEW: “Inked Memories” by Carrie Ann Ryan

“Inked Memories” is a bittersweet finish to a spectacular to the long-running Montgomery Ink series.  But as they say when a door closes another one opens.  Carrie Ann Ryan introduces, or re-introduces, several characters who will have brand new series starting soon!  HUZZAH!  Montgomery Ink Colorado Springs and Whiskey and Lies will be coming up with more Montgomerys and Tabby’s brothers respectively.  Back to “Inked Memories”.  Wes is the last lonely Montgomery.  He and his twin brother Storm’s ex-friend-with-benefits and current best-friend Jillian are currently constantly feuding.  But where there’s smoke there’s fire.  As much as they try to resist each other Jillian and Wes can’t stay away from each other.

There is the forbidden fruit aspect.  Jillian is not only Storm’s ex-bedmate but she’s also a Montgomery employee.  However there’s also always loopholes.  Montgomerys and their spouses and significant others are also employees of the company so that point is moot.  Storm doesn’t have a problem with his ex-Friend-With-Benefits getting busy with his brother now that he’s found his True Love.  For Jillian being a woman in a man’s profession, plumber, getting involved with Wes is tricky.  But she can’t stop thinking about him and running into him even on dates with other men.  Wes can’t keep his lips to himself and Jillian’s not too upset by it.  That’s when it’s time to for Jillian to get honest with herself.

Jillian’s father had an accident in the previous Montgomery book which brought a major health issue to light.  This is a health issue Jillian’s father is suffering with in “Inked Memories”.  Being a caretaker takes a toll on her since she also has a full-time job.  Her work with the Montgomerys is impactful in this book.  Luckily the Montgomerys “adopt” almost everyone who come into contact with them so Jillian has a support system.  But she also has someone to blame.

Wes and Jillian’s antagonistic relationship was set up in the previous Montgomery book.  Therefore I was prepared for it to be pounded into the ground.  Happily that isn’t the case.  Wes and Jillian are antagonistic but it’s almost a kind of foreplay.  Quickly they find themselves attracted to each other and they want to fight that attraction more than stop their animosity.  As usual Carrie Ann Ryan’s sex scenes are super spicy, fun, and delicious!  You can’t have a Montgomery Ink book without a hospital scene or two.  And of course ALL the Montgomerys.  In fact, more Montgomerys than usual:  Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and more.  “Ink Memories” is the “Must Read” for the dedicated Montgomery Ink fan.  If you haven’t read a Montgomery Ink book now that the series is complete it’s time to binge the series!

I’m giving “Inked Memories” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


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