REVIEW: “He Loves Me … KNOT” by R C Boldt

R.C. Boldt’s “He Loves Me … KNOT” circles to the fringes of her Out Of series.  She introduces a Heroine who’s the friend-of-a-friend of previous Hero Hendy and his wife Presley.  Emma Jane’s best friend’s with the couple’s friend Jacksonville Jaguar Quarterback Beckett Jones.  Nursing a broken heart for the past eight years, Emma Jane’s been making a name for herself in her career.  Knox Montgomery’s now a successful magazine entrepreneur.  The love of his life broke his heart for reasons which remain unknown to him.  He’s kept tabs on her but his life’s been put on hold.  The timing’s perfect to move into her orbit and find out what happened.  He’ll either get closure or get the girl.  The timeline bounces from when they first met in high school to the present and important points in-between.  Particularly the day Emma Jane left Knox at the altar and met Beckett.

The story begins on Emma Jane’s wedding day, after she left Mobile and lands briefly in Pensacola.  It’s here that she meets Beckett, his brother, and his brother’s roommate.  We don’t know the details of what happened but Emma Jane tells the whole story to Beckett and company.  All we know is that she found out her fiancé didn’t truly love her.  There’s an instantaneous, yet platonic, connection between Emma Jane and Beckett.  They form a partnership.  He helps her with a business connection and she’s his “Friend-Without-Benefits” for all “plus-one” needs.  For eight years Emma Jane and Beckett are inseparable.  Celebrity gossip constantly speculates if he’s going to propose, if there’s a baby bump, just how serious are they?

Eight years into the future and the magazine Emma Jane works at is changing hands.  The person in the position above Emma Jane is quitting and tells her she’s recommending her for her job.  Unfortunately the person everyone thought was buying the magazine ends up selling before it fully lands in his hands.  The Mystery Owner is none other than Emma Jane’s former fiancé, Knox Montgomery.  Their reunion isn’t warm and fuzzy in the least.  Knox is still hurt and angry over the girl who he knows once loved him just stopped and walked away.  She didn’t have the courtesy to tell him why.

Knox makes it clear Emma Jane doesn’t have a lock on the promotion. Not only that but current her job is hanging by a thread.  Despite the glowing recommendation and reputation her job could very well go to the intern.  Emma Jane has a limited time to fulfill a list of tasks and pull in a huge marketing miracle deal.  Beckett’s presence adds fuel to the fire making Knox insanely jealous.  Beckett is there to rescue Emma Jane when Knox’s overworking and stressing her out.  Knox wants to be the one to pamper her because he still isn’t over her.  Once Knox lightens up on Emma Jane and starts to work with her on the magazine their relationship changes.  However Beckett’s behavior towards Knox is odd.  Even Knox’s best friend thinks it seems “matchmaker-ish”.

Emma Jane and Knox find themselves in bed in a one-time-only situation.  Their relationship is still strained and awkward but somewhat eased.  Both feel as though they other betrayed them and broke their hearts.  At times they can see the hurt in the other’s eyes and they don’t understand it.  But they also don’t ask.  The couple is finding themselves physically intimate and at risk of succumbing to their feelings again.  They return to Mobile, specifically to the scene of their almost-wedding for her estranged father’s birthday.  This sets the stage for all the ghosts to potentially be put to rest.  Unfortunately they continue to tiptoe around the past and return to work where corporate shenanigans strike.  Hitting Knox perfectly where his doubts in Emma Jane reside.  The precarious foundation of trust falls hard and fast leaving devastation.

“He Loves Me … KNOT” is a fun, sweet, sexy, romantic, and comedic novel about Second Chances and Fated Love.  All of the characters are charming and engaging.  Beckett especially has a wicked sense of humor and rakish charm.  However his character frustrate me somewhat.  Here’s why …  I’m 97% sure Beckett is heterosexual but there are some comments that make me wonder if I’ve read things correctly.  This is the one thing that’s a little confusing and frustrating in an overall fabulous book..  The flashback scenes are sweet and romantic.  They’re also painful and frustrating in the “misunderstandings” that wasted so many years.  R. C. Boldt does a stellar job depicting the emotional push-pull and torment that Emma Jane and Knox go through.  “He Loves Me … KNOT” hit all of the notes; sexy, romantic, comic, and poignant.  Another recommended book by R. C. Boldt.

I’m giving “He Loves Me … KNOT” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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