REVIEW: “Rock Solid” by Carly Philips and Erika Wilde

Carly Philips and Erika Wilde litter their Book Boyfriend series with upstanding guys that are dirty-talking animals in the bedroom.  YES!!!  “Rock Solid” is the fourth Book Boyfriend book and each hero becomes my favorite.  Conner Prescott might be the one to keep the title.  He’s truly a “stand-up” guy and a romantic.  He doesn’t do one-night-stands even in perfectly-set-up-by-fate conditions.  Connor wants to follow through unfortunately the object of his desire has other plans.  Actually plans have nothing to do with Katie and Connor’s meeting; it’s all Fate and Coincidence.  Connor feels a connection and senses the timing’s bad but wants to make the best of the bad situation.  Katie’s throwing in the towel on romance and Connor’s a crazy what-the-hell-I-need-this decision.  We get to see all the previous Book Boyfriends and their women.  Then there’s Katie’s wonderfully outspoken best friend Avery and THE daughter Val.

Connor is heading back to Chicago when a fast and furious mini blizzard snows in the airport.  A woman who’s waiting for his same flight catches his eye.  She’s attractive in a real, natural and approachable way but there’s a sadness surrounding her.  Connor feels a woman as pretty as her shouldn’t be sad on Valentine’s Day.  When their flight is cancelled he loses sight of her but locates her again in an airport restaurant.  Connor asks to share her table and tries to be a uncreepy as possible.  He has Katie tell him why she’s sad which involves discovering her now ex-boyfriend cheating on her on Valentines’ Day.  Connor won points by being compassionate, supportive, and a gentleman.

Katie gets the wrong idea about Connor’s intentions when he invites him to sleep in his hotel room.  But clears it up by explaining it’s a two room suite.  He says he expects nothing except to raid the mini frig and watch cheesy pay-per-view.  However Katie decides that she’s ultimately unlovable.  Her parents never truly loved her and she doesn’t have a relationship with either of them.  All of her previous boyfriends dumped her.  The common denominator in all of the equations is her.  Therefore Katie decides to throw caution to the wind and forget the terrible day by losing herself in Connor.  At first Connor hesitates, not because he is rejecting Katie but because he doesn’t believe in one-night-stands.  But he understands what Katie needs for that night.  But he plans on getting her full name and number in the morning and pursuing something more with her.

After their night of passion Connor wakes up in the morning alone.  Katie left the room early and changed flights so she wouldn’t see him.  He hopes he’ll see her again because the night they shared confirmed he felt there could be more between them.

Over three years pass and Katie now has a daughter.  She’s at her friend’s house and glancing through a magazine.  She comes across an article regarding Chicago real estate and the photo is of eligible bachelor Connor Prescott.  After Katie found out she was pregnant she tried to find Connor.  Unfortunately she insisted only first names that night in Denver, so all she could search for were Connors in Chicago.  She knows that she needs to contact him to inform him that he has an almost three year old daughter.  Katie’s frightened because of her experience being a weapon for her parents to use against each other.  She doesn’t want that for her child but she knows she needs to do the right thing.

Connor was not expecting the article to fixate on his eligible bachelor status and is rather cranky about it.  Women have gone to the business website and are calling his cell-phone.  However his tune changes when one of the random stalker chicks is Katie from the Denver airport.  Connor’s thrilled that she contacted him and wants to meet him for lunch.  What catches him off-guard is that she tells him he has a three year-old little girl.  But when he sees the picture she looks just like his sister Natalie.  He and Katie make plans for him to meet Val and introduce him as her friend.  Even though Connor has received a shock it was good to see Katie and there’s still a spark there.

Connor looks even better now than he did three years ago.  Katie knows he’s going to be in her life only because they share a daughter.  He has no interest in her.  Conner and their daughter click and a routine starts with almost daily dinners and or phone calls.  Katie has her defenses up so the interaction is mainly between Connor and Val.  Connor decides to change things up.  Connor has nightly calls with Val just before her bath then he starts calling again a couple of hours later.  At first Katie thinks Conner is calling to talk to Val again.  However he informs her he is calling specifically to talk to her.  He wants to get to know her too make up for the three years he missed out on.

However his and Katie’s phone calls are a much different tone than he and his daughter’s.  That’s how he get’s his foot in the door in moving from co-parents to co-parent-with-benefits.  But Connor wants more unfortunately Katie’s insecurity about her being unlovable is strong.  As much as Conner wants a relationship with Katie he just can’t pretend he’s okay with “It’s-Just-Sex”.  Katie’s too afraid to risk her heart with more; she rather be just friends.  So that’s what she does.

Carly Philips and Erika Wilde are a fantastic team and winning combination.  “Rock Solid” is everything the title implies.  The storyline is captivating, the characters charming and compelling, and the romance engrossing.  Katie’s emotional conflict is grounded and not overblown or exaggerated.  Connor is steadfast and sweet but when the bedroom door closes … oh his dirty talking is a treat!  There’s times to be a gentleman and then there’s sex.  Yes Sir!  I love Carly Philips’ and Erika Wilde’s Book Boyfriend series.  But I ADORE “Rock Solid”!

I’m giving “Rock Solid” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


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