REVIEW: “Block Party” by Stylo Fantôme

“Block Party” surpassed my wildest dreams for the Twin Estates series in the best ways possible.  She gave my favorite male character from the first two installments the happy ending he truly deserves.  Stylo Fantôme blew my expectations out of the water and it is perfection.  As I mentioned Liam was my favorite in “The Neighbors” and “The Neighborhood” (for all of his faults).  I had hoped he would get his act together and get the girl.  Alas he wasn’t ready and apparently his Heroine wasn’t ready either.  She is not new to the series but she’s a complete “dark horse”.  Literally my reaction was something like, “Wait, what????  Reeaalllly???  Oooo, innnterrresting!!!!”  Never in a million years did I suspect this woman would be Liam’s other half.  They are complete opposites.  Order versus spontaneity.  Carefree versus maturity.  They understand each other and also teach each other.

This book is light and fun, deep and dark, as well as frustrating but sexy as all get out!  If you are familiar with the Twin Estates series Katya, Wulf, Tori, and Landon make appearances.  The romance is fun and sexy yet at the same time balances with a seriousness, vulnerability, and doubt.  In each other and themselves.  There is a lot of introspection and discovery in “Block Party” along with lots of tacos.  But seriously the Heroine’s backstory is harsh and she’s less able to deal with emotions than one can imagine.  That being said, she is a delightful surprise and I’m thrilled that Stylo Fantôme chose her to be Liam’s Heroine!  “Block Party” is a blast and the perfect read.  It’s sexy, introspective, fun, and a fabulous lead in to Twin Estates #4.

I’m giving “Block Party” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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