REVIEW: “Grigori” by Lauren Smith

“Grigori” is the first installment of Lauren Smith’s dragon shifter series and is chockful of twists and turns.  This novel is the perfect kick-off to the Brothers of Ash and Fire series.  Lauren Smith deftly introduces the brothers, their backstories, abilities, and enemies without it coming across as a lecture.  The American Heroine’s presence in Russia is explained as is her accidental interest in the brothers Barinov.  Madelyn’s backstory’s wonderfully surprising, although I had my suspicions early on there was more to her than meets the eye.  I enjoyed that the Barinov family’s dragon-shifter rivals came across as sounding like a rival Russian mob family.  Lauren Smith keeps the reader on their toes with a rich and compelling storyline.  There’s a focus on romance as well as dragon-shifter politics, not-to-mention the lore of a dragon-shifter/human mating.

The world Lauren Smith creates in “Grigori” isn’t one in which Dragon-shifters are commonplace.  In fact the Heroine does not believe in werewolves, other shifters nor other paranormal entities.  “Grigori” has history, romance, steamy sex, blood-feuds, and so much more.  Lauren Smith never disappoints with her wonderfully crafted amazing plots and sexy storylines.

I’m giving “Grigori” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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