REVIEW: “Miss Mechanic” by Emma Hart

Emma Hart brings out an enemies to lovers Battle-of-the-Sexes witty banter laden romance that is full of sexy fun.  The titular Heroine, Jamie, is a serious tom-boy and gives no quarter where the Hero is concerned.  In fact no one cuts the Hero, Dex, any slack that includes his “loving” family.  Tough Love is the hilarious name of the game.  The sexual chemistry is thick the dialog is fast-paced and the sex is steamy.  Also known as Angry Sex.  The secondary characters are highly entertaining.  To be fair Dexter starts off with a seriously misogynistic mindset though he grows to respect Jamie’s mechanical talents quickly.  However their relationship isn’t mushy; it’s tough, button pushing, and sexual.  Jamie isn’t a delicate flower.  The fact Dex finds her sexually attractive when she’s in greasy shirts and torn jeans is a power-trip for her.

Neither Dex nor Jamie are willing to budge easily in admitting they’re wrong or in bestowing compliments.  “Miss Mechanic” doesn’t come across as “politically correct” at a cursory glance.  But the tone for the type of people the Hero and Heroine are is perfect.  Dex, in the end, isn’t trying to tame Jamie; she’s his equal.  She finds as much power and pleasure being bent over the hood of a car as he does bending her.  Both Jamie’s family and Dexter’s are hilarious in their meddling.  Even Dex’s young niece is a ball-buster.  “Miss Mechanic” is edgy, sexy, entertaining, and is a modern twist on the Battle-of-the-Sexes Rom-Coms of the past.

I’m giving “Miss Mechanic” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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