REVIEW: “Over Us, Over You” by Whitney G

“Over Us, Over You” is a romantic, sexy, and sweet Best Friend’s Little Sister/Long Lost Love Romance.  The Heroine, Hayley, is the younger sister of the Hero of Whitney G’s Mid-Life Love duet, Jonathan Statham.  The Hero of “Over Us, Over You” is Jonathan’s former foster brother and long-time best friend Corey Walters.  Hayley goes to her brother for help after her business fails, she loses her apartment and her boyfriend dumps her.  It’s when she arrives in San Francisco that she sees Corey again.  Hayley and Corey have history that Whitney G plays out with flashbacks within the alternating POV format.  Corey and Hayley’s romance plays out live, via texts, emails, and in flashbacks with delightful playfulness.  Corey makes the quintessential wrong move but realizes it immediately.  For all of Hayley’s immaturity she isn’t a pushover in this instance and doesn’t forgive him easily.

The backstory between Corey and Hayley is really sweet.  Unfortunately “Over Us, Over You” moves quickly.  It’s over almost too quickly; which is how I feel about all of Whitney G’s books.  I would have liked more time and development with the couple.  Jonathan’s interference is jarring; his and Claire’s wedding brouhahas is a bit distracting from Corey and Hayley’s romance.  There is a mention of two of Whitney G’s popular couple Arizona and Carter from “Sincerely Carter”.  This is a lovely treat for the author’s dedicated fans.  This isn’t Whitney G’s best work but I enjoyed the sweet childhood-to-grown-up love story as well as the characters.

I’m giving “Over Us, Over You” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.

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