REVIEW: “Most Likely to Score” by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely is back on the field with her San Francisco Renegades in “Most Likely to Score”.  This book follows the romantic adventures of Wide Receiver Jones Beckett and the teams publicist Jillian Moore.  Both flirt mercilessly with each other but don’t believe the other could possibly be interested in them.  For one thing Jones has a horrible reputation as a womanizer; poor choices and social media working against him.  Now Jones is trying to turn over a new leaf.  To show off his true character at the urging of his new agent and his brother.  The other person in his corner happens to be Jillian.  As the team’s publicist she sees Jones’ popularity despite his transgressions and wants to capitalize on it.  She has a pet project that can be a win-win opportunity for the both of them.  Although it’ll will cause them so spend many extra hours together.

Jillian knows Jones’ adopted a “Hurricane dog” after Hurricane Irma.  She wants to feature him in a charity calendar benefitting pet adoptions.  She and Jones go to various San Francisco area locations so Jones can pose with puppies and kitties.  Jones requests that they include the Florida shelter that is responsible for his dog.  Which means there’ll definitely be a solo trip to Miami for Jones and Jillian.  Over several weeks Jillian and Jones travel and eat together, text, talk, and finally the attraction becomes too much.  At first their night together is just a one night stand but they can’t resist the pull.  But just being together isn’t that easy.  The problem is Jones’ agent wants him to be squeaky clean.  Jones has a family-friendly sponsorship deal because of his love of animals.  For Jillian, having an affair with one of the teams players could cost her her job.

Lauren Blakely handles this sports romance with artistic meticulousness.  The plays, practices, are well thought out and descriptive.  Jillian’s backstory as an adopted Chinese girl is taken straight from Lauren Blakely’s experience with her own daughter.  This romance is sweet, sexy, fun and funny.  The romance is swoony and the main characters are charming and likable.  One of the four Favorite Renegades – Harland is delightfully sweet and adorable.  I hope we are looking at more for him; although I do like Jillian’s friend, Katie, for him as well.  Here’s hoping they have a wonderfully developed storyline together in their future.  I love “Most Likely to Score” and loving Lauren Blakely’s football series – SF Renegades, Superlatives…  Hmmm whatever it’s called it’s worth the read!

I’m giving “Most Likely to Score” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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