REVIEW: “Three Blind Dates” by Meghan Quinn

A wonderfully romantic “Duck, Duck, Goose” that’s witty, sexy, and gets you in the “feels” to boot!  Meghan Quinn rounds up three fantastic Heroes for “Three Blind Dates” setting up her Dating By Numbers series.  The three Heroes are wonderfully diverse, witty, charming, and swoon-worthy.  Jack – The Suit, Beck – The Rebel, and Hayden – The Jock are the Heroes in this first book.  Meghan Quinn tells Noely Clark’s story of finding Love in the modern big city.  Yet she also establishes the Heroes’ backstories; prepping for their own future stories.  Noely’s emotions are big and blatant not to mention she’s quite astute.  I thought her ultimate choice was pretty obvious but I started second guessing myself.  Meghan Quinn’s a wily one.  As usual Meghan Quinn’s Rom-Com chops are spot-on.  The characters, main and secondary, are colorful, outrageous, complex, and sexy.

The premise is Noely’s an anchor for a morning show set in Malibu.  Think along the lines of “Kathie Lee and Hoda”.  Noely’s producer hates her.  He learns she used studio equipment to film a dating site profile video.  She’s told to use her dating experiences as show fodder or else.  So rather than lose her job she sucks it up and decides to try to be as vague as possible.  Unfortunately her very married, motherly, and exuberant co-host is thrilled to “get the dish”; in a “besties” way.  The dating program she is going with is all inclusive.  Not only do they do computer matching but they own the restaurant the first blind date will take place at.  This ensures that both parties feel they’re in a safe environment.  If that date is successful the program will then make suggestions for the second date if both parties are interested.

Noely’s first date seems to be tailor-made for her.  He’s clean-shaven, impeccable suit, and well-mannered.  However there is an Alpha lurking under his surface; and a Romantic as well.  They hit it off, planning for a second date, as well as constant texts, calls and gifts.  However something happens and The Suit ends things because of something Noely does.

Noely’s alerted she has another match before she even goes on the second date with The Suit.  She accepts the date after things go South with The Suit so her mind-set is in vengeance mode.  The nice demure look she went for, for the first date is now substituted with more “ready to party” look.  This works out well because her date is a tattooed leather jacked motorcycle driving Rebel.  Beck’s the complete opposite of Jack but Noely feels that he’s a good match for her as well.  They go on a second date but she feels as though Beck’s holding back.  Noely decides he needs to get over whatever is clinging to him.  It’s clear, though, they’re both still attracted.

It takes a while but she makes a third match.  The Jock is someone she’s met before and her brother’s reaction to him is priceless.  If you are an avid reader of Meghan Quinn’s books you may recognize his hometown – Binghamton.  The most recent series of books; although as far as I can remember he isn’t in any of those books.  Hayden’s a professional hockey player.  There is a easy companionship to their relationship.  They genuinely like each other and find each other attractive and like someone they can see a future with.  He is another seemingly perfect match but he too has issues Noely believes she needs resolving.

Meghan Quinn keeps the vibe edgy by having the Heroes pop-up unexpectedly in Noely’s life after they stop dating. Plus one of the suitors re-inserts himself into her life as a “mystery man”. He wants another chance but with no bias against him. “Three Blind Dates” is tremendously fun, especially since it’s a fantastic homage to “You’ve Got Mail”. There is much love thrown out to Tom Hanks in this book and so many fabulous film references. LOVE! The POV is primarily Noely’s but one or two Heroes has his POV highlighted. Also Noely only has sex with one of the Heroes, so there is no ménage or cheating at all. “Three Blind Dates” is a terrific first installment to what looks like a potentially addictive new series. I feel as though each new book of Meghan Quinn’s solidifies her place on my “One Click” Author list.

I’m giving “Three Blind Dates” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Gale Warning.

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