REVIEW: “Whiskey Secrets” by Carrie Ann Ryan

The first installment of Carrie Ann Ryan’s Whiskey and Lies series is deliciously sexy, angsty, emotional, and just plain lush.  This series focuses on three brothers who live in a quaint little Pennsylvania town called Whiskey.  These brothers are a spin-off from Carrie Ann Ryan’s wildly popular and long-running Montgomery Ink series.  In “Whiskey Secrets” the Hero, Dare, and the Heroine, Kenzie are very similar however butt head upon their first meeting.  Both have exes from Hell, are independent, and excellent at what they do.  They have a wonderful push-pull of attraction and antagonism that develops into respect and sexual fireworks.  Both deal with family that’s at best supportive, slightly dysfunctional, and at worst emotionally manipulative.  The novel introduces Dare’s two brothers Fox and Loch, as well as Loch’s daughter and future love interest.  Tabby Collins’s their sister from the Montgomery Ink series and definitely has presence in this book.

Dare Collins is a former Philadelphia police officer who now runs the bar and restaurant in his parents’ inn.  He never married but has a child with his ex-girlfriend.  She left him before the baby was born during an extremely tragic and stressful time in his life.  They have shared custody over the young boy however Dare only gets visitation one weekend a month.  He wants more time with his son and the two often argue over the time Dare does get.  As much as Dare wants more time with his son he feels he doesn’t deserve it.  Because of a tragically bad bust, he questions if his son is completely safe with him.  This bust cost his partner his life and led to Dare leaving the force.

Kenzie’s ex is physically and emotionally abusive and turned her insipidly spineless and greedy brother against her.  She moved to the sleepy small tourist town of Whiskey to start over as unobtrusively as possible.  Unfortunately her brother and ex locate her and eventually make contact which leads to nothing good.  Kenzie is definitely not looking for Love or Romance.  Yet that’s what she finds as she and Dare go from enemies to friends and finally lovers.

“Whiskey Secrets” is a fabulous introduction to the Whiskey and Lies series.  The storyline is well-developed, action-packed and riveting not to mention sexy and romantic.  Dare and Kenzie are compelling with their flaws, vulnerabilities, and strength.  The secondary characters, including the kids, are richly drawn and charming as all get-out.  Ainsley is a future love interest for Loch but slides into the role of Kenzie’s new bestie with ease.  This is an emotionally charged book but with Carrie Ann Ryan’s trademark dirty talking steam factor.  “Whiskey Secrets” is a great start to this new series and a wonderful addition to Carrie Ann Ryan’s Montgomery World.

I’m giving “Whiskey Secrets” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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