Christy Pastore Exclusive Valentine’s Day Short!

Something Far More Important than Cheesecake




One week before Valentine’s Day


“Don’t you dare move from that spot,” Grady said, rolling out of bed.

“I don’t think I can move,” I breathed. “I’m totally relaxed.”

“Good. That means I’m doing my job.”

My fiancé emerged from the bathroom, gloriously naked—a view I will never tire of seeing. Climbing back onto the bed, his fingers skated up my stomach to my breasts. His lips wrapped around my nipple, his five o’clock shadow grazing over my skin in the most delicious way. With a lash of his tongue, my hips shot upward. This man knew how to prime my body.

“I want you,” I murmured, snaking my arms around his neck.

“How bad?” he prompted, settling between my legs.

My hands gripped his forearms. “Very.”

He nipped my bottom lip, making me moan. “How about I make you a deal?”

I levered up onto my elbows. “If it involves you going out to grab some of that delicious cheesecake from Sutton House, I’m all ears.”

Grady gave me his famous pretty boy smile. “You and your cheesecake . . . No, I’m talking about something far more important than cheesecake.”

“Cheesecake is sacred. Nothing is more important that cheesecake.”

His fingers dipped inside me and he didn’t even try to suppress the groan that rattled his throat. I fell backwards onto the pillows. His fingers twisted inside me thrusting deep, hitting all the right spots. “What about orgasms?”

Grady.” His name was heralded by an airy moan when his thumb brushed over my clit.

His fingers left my body and my nails dug into his skin when his erection slid through my folds, the sensation sending ripples of heat dancing over my skin.

“I’m a patient man, Harlow.” His lips feathered down my neck and he pushed into me.

“Stop teasing and just fuck me,” I panted, rolling my hips against him.

Grady kissed just below my ear as he eased out of me and ever so slowly slid inside once more. “You want me to fuck you, but I want more from you.”

“Hmm, you want more than this right here? Is this the part where you propose backdoor activities or confess another fantasy besides your love of screwing me in public?”

Stilling his hips, Grady lifted his head. His soft brown hair fell over his brow, the smolder of his blue eyes raking over me. “I’m not into anal play, sorry to disappoint,” he said, adjusting his position over me.

My hands slid through his hair. “You never disappoint me.”

His lips coasted the rise of my breast. Tugging my nipple between his teeth, my back arched off the bed.

He smirked. “Well, hold on, sweetheart, because I was only warming you up earlier.” His voice was rich and full of promise. He pumped into me and I enjoyed the decadent fullness of Grady buried deep inside me.

My inner muscles tightened. “Oh, my . . . fuck.” The last word rolled off my tongue in a gasp. “Right there, yes.” I snaked my arms around his shoulders. My fingernails scratched along the cords of his muscles.

“God, sweetheart, it’s always so good,” he murmured, his words punctuated with guttural groans. “I love you.”

His fingers crawled over my hip and down to my clit. We rocked together, moans of pleasure and hushed sighs filled the space between us. His cock and fingers worked in superb rhythm. “Fuck, Harlow, you’re so close. All I feel is your pussy squeezing my cock.”

Grady kept talking, begging for more. I met him thrust for thrust and his hips snapped into a furious rhythm. “Yes, please, come all over cock and my fingers, sweetheart.”

My mind was blank. I was lost to everything—completely surrendered to this moment and my impending orgasm.

“Marry me, Harlow. Please.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist, my heels digging into his back. “Yes, Grady, yes.” My orgasm exploded. Every inch of my skin tingled. His lips found my neck, shoulders, and lips and he came with a roar as he pushed deeper.

Grady cocked a brow, a smirk tugging the corner of his mouth. “You said, yes.”

Lingering in that haze of post-orgasmic bliss, I focused on my breathing as I dragged my hands through his hair. His blue eyes held that smolder that I’d seen so many times. “What?”

“I asked if you’d marry me and you said yes,” he answered.



Saying nothing, she stared at me for a very long moment. Her blue eyes washed over me and a tiny smile lifted the corners of her mouth.

I reached for her, weaving my fingers through her auburn waves.

Finally, she spoke. “We are getting married.” She waved her yellow diamond ring in front of my face.

We’d been engaged for months and the two of us had yet to set a date. Matthew and Tinley had gotten engaged and married in seven months. All I wanted was to make a plan. Well, if I was being totally honest, what I really wanted was to make Harlow my wife.

“Okay, when are we getting married?” I asked, settling beside her and then tucking the blankets around us.

Harlow pulled her phone from the nightstand and swiped it to life. “Well, I promised Afton that we wouldn’t get married until she lost the baby weight.”

“She’s five months pregnant,” I said, massaging lazy circles on her hip. “So we have to wait for her to have the baby and then lose the weight before we set a wedding date?”

She gazed at me with heavy lidded eyes. “What was the deal you wanted to make earlier?”

“Forget about that,” I said, before kissing her shoulder. “It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Let’s escape from the cold and go down to Turks and Caicos.”

“Is the house free?” she asked, slipping her hand around my cock.

“When I checked the other day no one else had booked it. There’s no way Ronan and Holliday would be there since he’s performing in that play for three months in London.” I blinked up at the wooden beams in my bedroom trying to focus.

“Matthew and Tinley spent last month there,” Harlow reminded, sliding down the bed. “And Alex and Ella would not leave the kids.”

When Harlow’s lips wrapped around my dick, my eyes snapped down. I watched in fascination as my cock slid between her lips. Her tongue licked up my shaft and then swirled around the tip of my cock. “So perhaps you and I should elope?”

When my hand gripped the back of her head, Harlow’s eyes met mine. Her tongue teased the underside of my shaft. The soft easy suction of her mouth matched with the gentle squeezing of my balls had me teetering on the edge of release. “Are you serious?” I asked, dragging her up my body.

She shifted, settling on my hips, and then eased down onto my cock. “I am very serious.”

My hands cupped her ass as churned her hips. “God, you are so beautiful and you’re going to marry me this month.”

“I am,” she whispered, before fusing her lips with mine. “We have a lot of things to do before we leave. I need a dress. Or should we keep it simple and get married in our bathing suits?”

“We can have any kind of ceremony you want . . . I’ll give you anything you want.” Pushing deeper, I moved inside her at a slow pace just feeling—her. Harlow’s arms twined over my shoulders and my lips landed on the valley between her breasts. I licked up and down her skin. Her flavor crashed over my senses flowing through every receptor in my body.

My fingers dug into her hips and her fingers drifted to her clit. “Anything I want, think of the possibilities.”

Laughing against her skin, I felt her muscles contracting around my cock. I locked my gaze with hers and she was right there begging me to go over the edge with her. I surged upward, driving deeper, and Harlow screamed—fucking screamed. It was hot as hell and I erupted while sucking her nipple into my mouth. We clung to one another, holding onto those pulsing moments as long as we could stand. I collapsed onto the pillows bringing Harlow with me and she nestled beside me.

“I love you, soon to be Missus James.”

“I love you, soon to be husband.” A warm lazy smile spread across her face. “Now, back to the matter of you giving me anything I want.”

A laugh rumbled my chest, and I was on my feet before I knew it. “I was already planning on picking up the cheesecake along with a few other items.”

She shivered and brought the blankets up around her chest. “I’ll be here, researching how to get married in Turks and Caicos.”

Dressing quickly, I pulled on my favorite grey sweats, layering up with a t-shirt and navy hoodie. I kissed Harlow and then hustled downstairs. Shoving my feet into my running shoes, I swiped my keys off the credenza. With all these endorphins coursing through me I felt like running into East Harbour. I was about to marry the woman of my dreams. Nothing could bring me down.


Our driver pulled up to the house in Sapodilla Bay just before two in the afternoon. I hauled our luggage up the walkway while Harlow disarmed the security system.

She studied the panel for a moment and turned to face me. “I entered the code but the light turned red not green.”

“Hmm, let me give it a try.” I sidestepped her to punch in the numbers. After I hit the pound sign the green light appeared. “We’re in like Flynn.”

A hundred things raced in my mind, but there could have been a mix up with the cleaning staff. Perhaps Augustin, the caretaker of the property was here. Harlow pushed open the door, but something felt off.

I grasped her arm. “Wait, let me go first.”

A blast of warm air hit me as I walked down the entry way. As I turned the corner, I came upon a sight I never wanted to see—ever. A quick survey of the scene and the words tumbled from my mouth. “Fucking hell.”

“What the fuck, James?”

Ella shrieked and I wrapped my hand around Harlow’s hip guiding her back against the wall. “Twice in my lifetime I have walked in on someone bent over the goddamn . . .” A long sigh escaped me as I scrubbed my hand over my chin. “Fucking shit,” I hissed.

Harlow’s blue eyes went wide. “Oh no,” she whispered.

Nodding, I swung my gaze towards her. “Are you both decent?”

“James, did you enjoy the full view of my ass?” Alex called out.

“Not one bit.” I chided. “So listen, uh, we’re going to be going.”

“Nonsense,” Alex said, coming around the corner. At least now he had shorts on. Ella bounced to his side wrapped in a towel.

Smiling, her gaze pinged between the two of us. “Is it weird that I’m happy to see the two of you despite the . . .”

“The free sex show,” Harlow interjected.

Not wanting to think about what I’d witnessed in the kitchen, the drinks practically poured themselves. It was either drown out this unfortunate mishap with booze or I was going to need a lot of bleach to scrub the visions from my brain. As dusk fell over the island, the steady flow of booze erased the initial shock of Alex and Ella’s appearance.

As for our wedding, well, that would be a story for another time. Happy Valentine’s Day to us—the four of us.

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