What’s Happening?!?!

So you may have noticed that I’m not posting as much as I was last year.  There has been a dramatic drop off on my posting of reviews.  There is a reason for that.  2017 happened to me and my family.  Specifically Hurricane Irma and the Flu.  I live in Tampa, Florida.  My little family and I live in the home I grew up in with my mom.  Well when Hurricane Irma rolled through Tampa, she pushed a tree onto our roof.

The tree decided to roll off the roof and crush my husband’s beloved classic Honda del Sol.

Which was parked next to my daughter’s less-than-a-year-old first car which also got smooshed.

It then rested on the hood of my less than a year old car.

My mother’s car, to her disappointment, was unscathed, her car was almost twenty years-old and on its last leg.

Therefore we’ve been dealing with car insurance, dealerships, replacements, and repair shops – because frankly my husband would trade me in before he would replace that del Sol).  Ironically the house was scheduled to get repainted.  Because of the damage we had to deal with home insurance, roofers, gutter companies, and spanish tile delays.  In the midst of this was inclement weather and holidays.

Then, in December, the flu struck.  My husband was the first to go down hard.  Then my daughter had a milder case.  Unfortunately my mother got the bad strain my husband brought home.  I’ve had to drive her to her hair appointments, doctor appointments, and assorted errands.  For some reason her illness triggered something with her arthritis.  This left her unable to make a fist and in a lot of pain.  Here it is early February and she’s still weak and tires easily.  This is the woman who had a more active social life than I.  It’s emotionally taken its toll on her.  She typically dresses and make-ups her face every day with or without plans.  It got to the point that she was in either so much pain, tired, or dispirited she stayed in her pajamas all day.  This isn’t a woman whose a fan of “Pajama Days”.

So Long Story short, too late.  I made the very difficult decision to pull out of all the blog tours for which I had signed up.  The stress was starting to give me panic attacks and I needed to make sure my priorities were straight.  Because of my mother’s dispiritedness she put me in charge.  In charge of dealing with not only her doctor’s appointments but the roofers, and painters. And all other home repairs that have arisen.  If you want dish there was a hot roofer but the painters are flirtier and have more game. 😉

Any way, I’m hoping my mother’s health will start improving in the coming months.  That way I can get back into a more robust reviewing schedule.  I’m hoping to post some random obsessions, some exclusive shorts, author interviews and maybe booklovers buying ideas in the meantime.  Bottom-line, bear with me; I hope to be back soon.  So I’ll try to come up with some intriguing posts, exclusives, and interviews to supplement for the lack of reviews!

Thanks for sticking with me and remember to wash your hands often! Better yet stay safe at home, find a good book a nice cuppa and stock up on antibacterial.


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