REVIEW: “Only You” by Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow brings us a delightful Opposites Attract/Friends-to-Lovers story with an adorable secret baby kicker.  The Heroine Emme is a True Romantic and a Wedding Planner by trade.  She’s looking for her Happily-Ever-After but has only found toad after toad.  The only constant man in her life is the playboy divorce attorney across the hall.  He comes to her rescue when there’s a big hairy spider or she locks herself out of her apartment.  Nate does not believe in marriage, Happily-Ever-After or even plain old Love.  However as neighbors they have become friends and share a love of James Bond films.  They’re also attracted to each other but know they are completely incompatible.  Nate finds it comical Emme believes in True Love.  Emme doesn’t understand how Nate can exist on one-night-stands.  But everything changes when Nate finds a baby at his door – his two month-old baby girl.

Melanie Harlow gives Nate the lion’s share of the backstory.  His reasons for keeping away from relationships and not believing that wishes come true are tragic.  Nate’s rationale condemns him and Emme even after he realizes he loves her.  The ghosts of his past doom his future with his daughter too.  Emme’s a child of divorce but believes in the magic of marriage because of the example o her cousin Mia.  Heroine of Melanie Harlow’s Frenched series.  And her friend and co-worker Coco.  When Nate destroys his and Emme’s relationship “because she deserves better”, Emme moves to Mia’s winery for the Summer.  Nate and Emme’s chemistry’s great from Friends to Lovers and the transition is naturally smooth.  The interaction with baby Paisley adds sweetness, humor, and vulnerability especially to Nate.  Emme and Nate’s romantic journey is the star of this story.  I look forward to Emme’s sister’s stories!

I’m giving “Only You” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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