REVIEW: “Tap That” by Jennifer Blackwood and RC Boldt

“Tap That” bring two of my favorite Rom/Com writers together in a combination as spectacular as Ben & Jerry.  Jennifer Blackwood’s the Queen of interoffice-coworkers-enemies-to-lovers romance with gut-busting-goodness.  RC Boldt also excels at office-romance; with a super-power in sexual tension and twisted-up-best-intentions.  Both authors are brilliant at “I Love Lucy”-esque comedy.  The kind that males you want to look away or put your book in the freezer out of vicarious embarrassment.  “Tap That” takes place in a Miami micro brewery called On Tap.  The hero, Reid, is a seasoned bartender of the establishment.  His eyes are set on a management position and his goal of one day owning his own bar.  The heroine, Callie’s hired on in an on-trial basis as manager.  Reid resents her on sight for taking the job that should have been his.  Their animosity is as instantaneous as their undeniable sexual-attraction.  The twist is enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies- to-lovers.

Reid and Callie are unwittingly set up to be enemies from page one; although Callie is clueless as to why.  All she knows is Reid is jerk; charming to everyone except her.  Also established from page one is they are sexually attracted to each other; whether they like it or not.  As is typical with RC Boldt and Jennifer Blackwood’s writing the banter is witty and the internal dialog a riot.  When the couple finally succumb to their feelings it’s hearts, rainbows, and swooniness.  But quickly outside forces causes the briefly happy couple back to their surly and angry ways.  Luckily they both have meddling friends plus an outrageous grandma and her randy bingo buddies.  The timeframe is several months however their blissful relationship lasts only two weeks before the conflict arises.  Kudos to Jennifer Blackwood and RC Boldt for zigging with the “love-affair-monkey-wrench”.

“Tap That” is a sexy, sweet, romantic comedy written by two of the best Rom/Com writers in the business.  A craft beer boy meets wine-loving girl, business gets in the way, but Love is Triumphant.  Reid and Callie are characters that are far from one dimensional.  Callie especially has an intriguing and tortured backstory.  Reid is easy to anger and yet conversely is incredibly sweet and romantic.  The secondary characters of Reid’s grandmother, Bert, and the bingo ladies are a hoot-and-a-half!  I hope Jennifer Blackwook and RC Boldt join forces again so Reid and Callie’s friends, Melanie and Grayson can find their HEAs too!  “Tap That” is an engaging romp with charming characters, and a fun and sexy storyline!

I’m giving “Tap This” 4 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.


This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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