REVIEW: “Two Wedding Crashers” by Meghan Quinn

“Two Wedding Crashers”, is the wonderfully rollicking second installment in Meghan Quinn‘s clever Dating By Numbers series.  The main couple, Beck and Rylee, have so much personality you can’t help but love them.  Their wedding crashing antics will have you laughing till you cry.  Their chemistry isn’t merely sexual, they’re a “One True Pairing”.  They fit together perfectly; not opposites but compliments.  They center and ground each other; and their attraction is immediate.  Like I said, it isn’t purely sexual; their personalities are drawn to one another.  They simply miss each other even though they’ve just met.  Beck’s past is dark, filled with serious challenges he’s overcome.  He’s confident that even though he lives in California and Rylee in Maine they’ll end up together.  However, though Rylee is a successful Romance writer, she doesn’t believe that a Happily-Ever-After is in her future.  She carries a secret that almost ruins them.

Meghan Quinn doesn’t hold back and uses a heavy hand with comical side-kicks and fast flying witty banter.  There’s also plenty of small-town characters with loads of … character.  Pay attention to the Knightly brothers; I believe we’ll be seeing more of them.  Rylee’s relationship with her writer friends will almost require you to buy a package of Depends ™.  The same goes for the couple’s married friends who’re parents-gone-wild and voices of wisdom.  But the most clever bit of wooing is Beck and Rylee’s Wedding Crashing.  It’s a delightful dance of silliness and ultimate couple-dom magic.  The homage to Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh’s film “Wedding Crashers”, via quoting the rules of wedding crashing, is fabulous.  Just as Meghan Quinn’s a genius at Romantic Comedy she’s a Mastermind of deep and inspirational messages.  Both Beck and Rylee’s individual backstories are heartbreaking, moving, and profound.  You’ll be moved to tears.

I’m giving “Two Wedding Crashers” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.

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