REVIEW: “Ditched” by RC Boldt

RC Boldt finally gets around to telling fan favorite and recurring secondary character Jacksonville Jaguar Quarterback Beckett Jones’ Happily-Ever-After.  Beckett has been the friend and sidekick for the heroines of two of Boldt’s previous novels.  Now this unicorn of a Hero gets his chance at the white dress, chapel, kids, and family dog.  His heroine is another story all together.  Ivy Hayes is in the business of helping couples break-up.  She shut down her heart a long time ago and maybe never believed in Happily-Ever-After.  But a chance meeting with Beckett’s best friend puts these two individual on a collision course.  A text message leads to phone calls which leads to an unexpected and coincidental meeting.  They discover the attraction isn’t just superficial it’s visceral as well.  It’s clear Beckett is a Romantic and wants a Long Term Relationship.  Ivy makes it clear she’s definitely not looking for a relationship.

It’s obvious to Beckett there’s something from Ivy’s childhood that caused her to not want to get close to people.  Causing her to avoid physical contact and only have a few close friendships.  Beckett knows not to push; he’s playing the long game. He’s taking it slow.  Over time Ivy doesn’t realize it but she comes to crave a place in Beckett’s arms.  She misses him when he’s away.  And experiences emotions she’s never had before; like jealousy and yearning.  When Ivy realizes she’s in love, her past catches up with her.  Just as she feared it negatively affects Beckett.  She runs and leaving him to deal with the fall-out and a broken heart.  RC Boldt does a fantastic job with Beckett’s story.  Ivy’s tough but has an underlying vulnerability which softens her. Their love of words is fabulous.  As usual Beckett is the perfect man!

I’m giving “Ditched” 5 Lightning Bolts and a Storm Warning.

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