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Hi my name is Char!

My house looks like a crime scene. It’s not because I live in a horrible neighborhood but because I live with my nose in a book and an e-reader in my purse. My husband is contemplating separate beds because of my late night reading habits and his need to rise early for work – which pays for my book habit.

Even though my life seems book-centric I don’t have many friends that I can talk books with – particularly Romance novels, therefore my reviews are rather different than reviews you may find on other blogs – they are long. You see I write my reviews like I am talking to a friend about a book I just read.  I describe parts I found particularly funny or exciting, mention things I thought the author could have done better and then how much I liked or didn’t like it. I LOVE books with humor. Plot development and character growth is extremely important to me as well.

One of the reasons I started this blog is so that I had an excuse to discover different authors than the ones I usually go to. I love series. I was big into Historical Romance but I turned to mainly Contemporary a few years ago. Another goal is to also try branch out into other genres! There are so many worlds, adventures, and love stories out there just waiting for us to discover. I hope you join me on the journey.

I’m the kind of person who looks forward to rainy days which is lucky since I live in the lightning capitol of the world! I also tend to become homicidal when someone interrupts me in the middle of a chapter. Even though I have an e-reader I LOVE getting real live physical books … the kind you can hold in your hand, turn their pages, and smell like adventure. I have a new appreciation for Audio Books – again more money spent.  However, I like to think of them as Motivational Aids.  I love listening to them while I walk and since I want to keep listening/reading I am more likely to walk longer distances.

My husband knows the best gifts he can give me are gift certificates for books. Recently I received a notice that my e-reader was getting close to its limit – I needed a paper bag and then I gleefully turned to the computer to start researching new ones!

I’m not all about books, I do have other interests and I do some cleaning every once in a while. Sometimes. I’m a hobby-aholic. Tried, and not truly given up on, almost every hobby around. I love to cook, bake, and taking pictures. There isn’t enough time to be able to scrapbook, or crochet. My past hobby obsessions were quilting, cake decorating, and even trying my hand at fan-art. But mostly, I read.

A native of Tampa, Florida which is considered to be the Lightning capital of the U.S. Fun Fact: Not only am I a native Floridian I’m a 4th generation Floridian. Strange but true.  A graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in English Literature and Humanities. That wasn’t exactly practical. I have a husband, a college age daughter, and a miniature schnauzer. Don’t panic if a disappear for a little while. I always come back, it’s just Life making things interesting for me.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations for me to improve my blog.  I hope you come around and visit a lot.

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