Rating Systems and “Weather Advisories”

Rating System

 5   lightning_tn lightning_tnlightning_tnlightning_tnlightning_tn– I ABSOLUTELY recommend this book!!! I loved it and could not put it down for a second! I will be reading it more than just once! Download it to your e-book, get it from the book store or borrow it from the library right now! Put it on your TBR list and bump it towards the top!

4  lightning_tnlightning_tnlightning_tnlightning_tn– I love it! I will definitely be re-reading this one! Definitely put on your TBR list!

lightning_tnlightning_tnlightning_tn– Put it on your TBR list because I enjoyed it.

2   lightning_tnlightning_tn – There’s are a few things I that I like about the book, but there are more things that bother me than I like.

Honestly, you will not see any score lower than that because a.) I’m pretty choosy about what I read. I don’t get many random Advanced Copies and some are from my own bookshelf. (code for I bought it myself). b.) If I don’t finish it I’m not going to bother talking about it. c.) I know authors put a lot into to their work, the effort writing their “baby”, editing, publishing it, and marketing it. I’m not going to “trash” that, that’s not the kind of person I am. And if you want that kind of reviewer, then I hate to see you go (I really do), but I understand.


Weather Advisories – Also Known As “Heat Index”

Sun    Clear Skies – No Winds – Sweet Romance. No sex scenes or sex is merely alluded to happening.


Small Craft Warning        Small Craft Warning – Winds up to 38 mph. Sex is mainly described in general terms. The language is tame and not offensive.


Gale Warning        Gale Warning – Winds from 38 mph to 54 mph. – Very much like a Storm Warning but with Fewer Spicy and Descriptive Sex Scenes or the Scenes are more brief and not as descriptive.  There may be (probably is) profanity used in the book.


Storm WarningStorm Warning – Winds from 55 mph to 73 mph. Steamy descriptive lovemaking scenes. These novels can have a lot of sex scenes in them. An addition to having many instances and varieties of sexual acts, they are typically descriptive and explicit language is used for intimate activities as well as male and female anatomy. Basically there is “Dirty Talk” involved. 😉


Hurricane WarningHurricane Warning – Winds from 74 mph and up! – Includes Explicit language regarding male and female anatomy and descriptions of sexual acts. Also these novels include BDSM, anal sex and/or anal play, ménage, and m/m sex. Typically these books involve a lot of sex scenes. And of course, “Dirty Talk”. 😉

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